• Best Turn Based Strategy games

    King's Bounty: Legions


    Legions is more about hiring mercenaries than having a permanent army. The mercenaries can be even a Knight or a pirate. Your army is not limited to the human spice but also include other ferocious creatures such as dragons. Like any other Android turn based strategy games, you attack your opponent and wait for the perfect moment of attack. Your strategy would be something matches your style and as everyone is different, therefore playing with online opponents will make you learn not just about the game but also about the strategy making itself. It has everything what you wants from a battlefield strategy games, include soldiers, fantasy creatures, big Kingdoms and value able loots.


    Fnaf World


    Five night at freddy is an addictive horror game that you can enjoy with many Freddy's character. The graphics of this horror game is fantastic and the game will let their players control the animation in an adventurous way.



    Griblers is not just strategy but also include craftsmanship and administrative tasks. You are not just a war lord who battle against the enemies but a chief of Griblers who has to make houses for them and administrate the operations of clan to make it run smoothly and to get develop at fast paced.

    Fight against many other Kingdoms and create a reputation of courageous and ingenious war lord, so you don't have to pay for other destructive attacks on your Kingdom. An amazing turn based strategy with lots of dedicated online players looking for equal match of an opponent.


    Warlords of Aternum


    This war game will test your tactical thinking ability to the extreme and put you in the situations where being calm and thinking rationally is an almost impossible thing to do. You have to first collect units, each with its specific ability. Like in the real war fare, there are units of artillery and infantry in the army. The same way you will have close combat warriors, archers and many other specifically trained soldiers.

    Collect the most diversely huge range of army so you can come up with one of the most creative and out of the box strategy against your player.

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